Day 4 - November 10th - Breakout Sessions

Alex-Paul Manders, TBM Practice Lead, Americas, ISG

In order to reap the benefits of digital transformation, IT leaders must be more agile and effective when making key business decisions.

By leveraging best practices endorsed by the TBM Council’s TBM Taxonomy, ISG has developed a strategic approach to managing TBM and enabling IT transformation in the areas of data, analytics, governance and technology. In this session, you will be provided with an overview of strategic to considerations for driving digital initiative’s leveraging the TBM Taxonomy.

View the full agenda for the 2016 TBMC on the TBM Council's website.

Day 3 - November 9th - Breakout Sessions


How does Technology Business Management (TBM) fight cancer? In this discussion moderated by TBM Council Alliance Partner, Steve Hall of ISG, these passionate CIOs share how managing the business of technology creates opportunities for their organizations to focus on saving lives and battling this brutal disease. Each of these business-technology leaders prioritizes the responsibilities of their teams through effective technology investments, initiatives, and optimization efforts to drive valuable savings and wiser investments. Applying the disciplines of TBM provide these CIOs and their teams the opportunity to turn their savings into the means to continue their most important mission; the fight against this silent killer.

When Government Gets It Right: How Federal IT Leaders Can Deliver Greater Value
by on OCTOBER 5, 2016

The stereotype of government agencies—inefficient buyers of overpriced services and obsolete technology—may not be as deserved as it once was.…

How to Have a Healthy Conversation between the CIO and the CFO

Co-authored by Prashant Kelker

Achieving IT cost transparency within a Technology Business Management (TBM) framework undoubtedly creates reinvestment opportunities for funding IT innovation, but it can also support big data and digital initiatives across the enterprise. This way, an organization can avoid duplicating its data collection efforts and integrate IT data with non-IT and finance data.…

How Data and Analytics Can Guide your Move to the Cloud

The question about cloud migration is not whether to do to it, it’s how to do it. Determining what to move to the cloud requires finding the most appropriate and efficient delivery model for each application. For many enterprises, this will result in a hybrid, multi-cloud approach in which applications and workloads are matched with the right service delivery model depending on how they are used.…

Creating a Level Playing Field: IT Sourcing with Technology Business Management

How does an enterprise manage its sourcing arrangements to realize their full value? How do service providers gain a full understanding of contract expectations so they can bid accurately on RFPs? Enter Technology Business Management (TBM), a methodology that provides deeper cost insights for a more dynamic and automated sourcing process.…

Drivers for TBM Success in 2016

Technology Business Management (TBM) is a framework for IT business and financial management that continues to gain mindshare among CFOs, CIOs and IT leaders. Because it enables and supports fact-based decision-making, TBM helps drive down costs, improve services and align IT strategy to overall corporate strategy.…

A CFO Convo about the Value of Aligning TBM with Performance Management

This is a tale of the three-lettered acronym. It starts with, which was kind enough to ask me to join their recent webcast, The CFO Playbook on Performance Management: Realizing ROI with CPM Improvements. As the title suggests, acronyms played a big role.…

TBM and Cloud: Validating the Data Downpour

Enterprises have more data now than ever before. And the volume continues to increase exponentially, fueled by growing digital business capabilities and the Internet of Things. Naturally, this leads to concerns about data quality. Enterprises need to know who owns the data.…

Beyond Technology: Technology Business Management in a Complex Cloud Environment

A critical component of managing IT spend with Technology Business Management (TBM) is Apptio’s world-class TBM technology, but the potential for transformation doesn’t depend on technology alone. The practice of TBM helps enterprises draw clear lines from their technology investments to their business impacts—an exercise that is especially valuable in an increasingly complex cloud environment.…

Measuring the (Sometimes Hard-to-Measure) Business End of IT

For large enterprises, the impact of Information Technology (IT) reaches far and wide, but it can be difficult to measure its ripple effect, especially when it comes to return on investment. That’s where Technology Business Management (TBM) can help.…

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