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1Q24 Index Preview
Decision making slowed in the first quarter and cost optimization continued to be the primary driver of IT and business services demand. AI continues to shape demand, but project-based spending remains under pressure, and AI related spending is coming at the cost of other areas in the IT budget.

Questions We’ll Address on the Index Call
How is the sustained focus on cost optimization impacting demand? Elevated interest rates and inflation continue to put cost pressure on enterprises, which contributed to the strong results in 2023. The focus on cost optimization continued in the first quarter, but decision making remains delayed as enterprises struggle with tighter budgets.

How is inflation impacting pricing? Except for a few specialty skills, we did not see a significant increase in labor rates in 2023 or the first quarter of 2024. On the other hand, unit prices continue to decline year over year, but that decline is slowing in most areas as both labor and software costs go up.

When will cloud demand return? Cloud bookings have been under a lot of pressure over the past year as enterprises focused on optimizing existing cloud commitments. However, that may be starting to change as demand for AI-enabled applications drives net new cloud demand.

How is enterprise AI adoption playing out? As we saw in our most recent Market Lens AI study, enterprise AI priorities today are focused on 1) creating a long-term strategy 2) developing use cases around revenue generation, and 3) using AI to improve customer experience. Given that IT budgets are largely flat, funding for AI pilots will come at the expense of other parts of the IT budget, or from line of business budgets.

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